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Funds Female

Merian Ventures funds remarkable female founders and co-founders.

We believe women are great entrepreneurs and create amazing companies when fully and fairly funded.

We look for ideas that will change the world in the following sectors: fintech, consumer, mobile and cyber technologies.

What makes us different is our focus and commitment to female-founded and co-founded companies raising Seed and Series A rounds.

We Believe

Merian Ventures is a venture capital firm that recognizes the opportunities in women-led innovation. Women-led companies represent only a small percentage of venture capital investment deals. Research shows that an unintentional familiarity bias works against women-led companies in the fundraising process.

This leaves an enormous opportunity for investors who can find ways to curb that bias. Women entrepreneurs bring in 20% more revenue with 50% less money invested, as reported by the Kaufman Foundation.



Our Focus

Merian Ventures aims to find, fund and actively nurture the most promising businesses that are founded, co-founded or majority-owned by women.

Merian Ventures will invest in areas where women are pioneering innovation: fintech, consumer, mobile and cyber technology. We typically fund Seed and Series A in the US and UK/Europe, reserving follow-on funding for future rounds.

The focus on female entrepreneurs is more than a social statement. It is a defining theory that opportunity can be found in this sector that has long been overlooked by the investment community.


Who We Are

The team at Merian Ventures is a diverse group of men and women who support our ability to focus on the person, product and potential of their innovation.

Our team has decades of successful investing and operating experience with impressive track records in start ups, entrepreneurship, analytics, public markets and finance.


Maria Merian

Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717) was driven by her passion for science and art to better understand the natural world. Working in the late 17th century, Merian is credited with developing the field of entomology by studying, codifying and depicting insects that were local to Europe as well as the exotic flora and fauna of South America. Merian's expedition to South America in 1699, accompanied by her younger daughter Dorothea, was unprecedented. There she observed the local flora and explained for the first time the life cycle of the insects as well as cataloguing their native names. In 1705 Merian published her first book 'Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium', detailing the discoveries from her time in the Amazon. Merian predated Darwin by more than a century.



Most companies we consider are referrals from our trusted network of  investors, entrepreneurs, academics and others in the US and UK/Europe.

Referrals will get the quickest response. We will respond to all email enquiries, but may take longer.

What are we looking for?

  • One- or two-page description of the company, its strategic value and scalability.


  • Target sectors of fintech, consumer, mobile and cyber technology.
  • Unique processes or innovation.


  • Majority ownership or controlling interest held by a female founder or co-founder.


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